What a Jew does on Xmas.

Since I was not out Ho Ho Hoing today…. Nothing like a full day with no where to go and nothing to do to get some projects done around the house.

First up: The bar-cart… My buddy Eric from GO HOME finally delivered this thing a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to stock it. It has a really cool vintage/industrial feel to it… I love it!

Its pretty rickety so I dont know if I can really leave it like this with the little wrecking ball around. I am testing it out for a few days to see how she deals with it. Up top I put a bunch of liquors that we had out already, some tonic and the bone can opener I bought in Africa. Next level features these black glasses I bought at an antique store in Asbury, a Michael Aram pitcher , monogramed napkins etc… The last level has a cake stand and ice bucket and some books. I think if I used it for guests I would put the soda there or something…. The great thing about having your bar set up all the time is that you are much more apt to use it! And use it I did….

Next I made this faux Franz Kline for the wall that is almost in my kitchen…. Actually, for weeks I was layering white on white paint with a pallat knife creating texture. Then I hung it on the wall and the whole white on white thing fell flat. So I got out my brush and my black paint and I actually painted it while it was hung on the wall. Pretty cool idea cause you can tell how things are going to look in their context. It wasn’t really messy because I didn’t use any medium with the oil paint, so it was really thick and didn’t splatter or drip. It probably wont dry for a week. I  used heavy duty aluminum foil as a mixing tray and when I was done I just balled it up and threw it right out. A pretty easy DIY in terms of cleanliness, but you would be surprised at how hard it is to come up with something that looks good. Not as easy as it looks.

I know its not a REAL Franz anything, but looking at it in pictures I can see why so many designers use them. The visual impact of bold black strokes commands attention. I think mine might need some adjustments(maybe too many skinny lines) … but thats what’s great about doing your own art… You can change it any time you want! Nothing priceless here… (Though Mint.com did tell my husband that I spent $250 dollars on “hobbies” this month!)

The inspiration: Miles Redd loves this one so much he used it twice, as Rebecca June pointed out. Hmmm…

I dont know if this one is by Franz, but it looks like it… 

And this one is another inspired by…. by Nick Olsen. I actually really like it!  What do you guys think? Do you guys make art for your houses?

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  1. boops says:

    loves me some franz kline! i agree with you about the maximum impact with the few bold strokes. the large scale also gives it impact. i was thinking of doing one myself, so this post is very informative, thanks!

    i use my photography (novice stage currently) as art around the pad. i blew up a view out my back window to the max (4’x3′) to hang on a long wall sans window. i was going to frame it but it looks fine as is.

    here’s a link to the pic. http://averycuriouscookie.blogspot.com/2009_09_01_archive.html

    i find it also highly personalizes a space to put up something that you or someone you know/admire created.

  2. what, no movie today?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Haha… No, I had no babysitter, the baby slept for 4 hours and it was raining. Hence, home projects day.

  3. um, btw, can we talk about how sexy the stone in your kitchen island-esque thing is? as well as the wall covering? is that wallpaper or paint.

    and great advice on my closet. gonna take that advice.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Yes, we can talk about it because it makes me gloriously fucking happy…. The paint is actually 2 different colors of BM metallic paint, the white pearl and the silver, mixed and stried by hand. Not my hand. The island is honed calcutta gold marble and I caress it every day.

      I need to replace the Ikea pendants over it, no?

      Btw, the huggable hangers will change your life.

  4. Nicole Cohen says:

    Btw, the house is extra messy on the weekend.

  5. Your projects look great! You were much more productive on this day of not much to do than I. We did our typical movie day. I think your painting looks great and I’m so glad to have discovered your blog.

    Happy New Year-nelya