Home Alone!

I’m not actually home alone, and I probably never will be again now that I have the kiddo. BUT, I did actually watch Home Alone on Thanksgiving Day and it was on again last night. I dont know why I never noticed this the first 10,000 I watched this as a child, but literally every single object in the entire movie is RED or GREEN. First there is the house, which is gorgeous. I snagged these pics from a really thorough post done by Hooked On Houses. That post has floor plans, pics of the original home etc…

Seriously, have you guys ever seen so much red and green? You know that scene where he goes to buy a toothbrush? The toothbrush is green and the box is red!! Crazy.

This is my make believe Hanuka Home Alone house:

Via Country Living. Via Country Living. The Queen’s Sitting Room  in The White House Via Apartment Therapy. The Queen’s Sitting Room  in The White House Via Apartment Therapy.
Via Miss Decor Via Miss Decor Mary Mcdonald Mary Mcdonald Mary Mcdonald via alkamie
House Beautiful House Beautiful

Mary Mcdonald via Rebecca June.

What do you guys think of my make believe Hanuka House? I probably could have just used that all blue & white House Beautiful house… but what would be the fun of that?

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  1. Caroline says:

    Thanks for these pics! I noticed the same thing while I was watching the movie this year :)