If you are like me, you like doing projects. Like arts and craft projects when you are a kid? As an adult, those sometimes turn into Sunday afternoon DIY projects… Here are my list of  DONTs.  I tell you this stuff out of love and experience.

1. DONT try to make anything you can buy in a store for less than 10 dollars. Or 20. Or 30.

2. DONT begin without the proper craft supplies.

3. DONT begin without the proper cleaning supplies. DO keep a garbage bag on hand, and a vacuum.

4. DONT attempt to DIY on anything permanent in your house… IE windowsills…

5. DONT begin with children at home.

6. DONT rely on husband to watch said children when there is football on.

7. DONT be impatient and not wait for things to dry.

8. DONT do projects on your dining room table.

9. DONT try to improve anything you already like and will miss if its gone.

10. DONT attempt a DIY after a fresh manicure.

Weekened Gold Leafing of a picture frame….

I dont know why I bothered with this. I really wanted a simple gold frame, not the kind that has any decorative carving. So I tried it. And it is such a goddamn mess. I made every dont mistake up there( In my first apartment I silver leafed my windowsills, then had to scratch them off when I hated it)…. I always am unprepared, I freakin applied the tack with q-tips and cotton balls! I didnt wait for it to dry, and it didnt turn out to be that special…. But here it is, another use for the Ikea Ribba frame: Beginning, middle and end.

Gold leaf 1 Gold leaf 2 Gold leaf 3 In case any of you are going to try to gold leaf anything today, Ill give you some steps and tips:

First you are supposed to sand down your surface. I didnt.

Then you are supposed to apply your sizing evenly with a nice brush. I used a cotton ball.

Next you wait an hour to three hours for the tack to get tacky. I waited a half hour.

Then, wearing nice soft white gloves, you apply the sheets of gold leaf. Try not to touch the gold leaf. If it cracks or there are holes, dont worry it will still come out looking good but it will just be messier.

Smooth down the gold leaf by patting/rubbing with cheese cloth. If you do it too hard, the leaf will rub right off so be careful.

If you have any holes, which I am sure you will, just put some more gold leaf over it. If the tack isnt sticky any more, dab some on, wait and reapply the gold leaf.

Now you have to kind of rub away all of the excess gold leaf…. Vacuum immediately!

Tomorrow I am going to apply some kind of lacquer varnish on top of it so that this thing wont constantly be shedding all over my house…. and the picture is kind of lame, but I had it on hand so, there ya go! How good would it look with one of the horse photos from last week?

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  1. this is a great post!

    “And it is such a goddamn mess.”

    made me laugh out-loud! so many times i am so ambitious and have my mind set on something only in the end to be like what was i thinking!

    and at most times i am too impatient to wait or follow the rules!!


  2. I know this is an old post, but I’m hopeful that you’ll still able to help me out. :) I’m thinking abut doing this to 8 IKEA ribba square frames. Am I insane to try that? How much gold leaf did it take for the one frame, and how long did it take you?? Trying to diced if it’s worth the gorgeous look, or if I should just spray paint them. While would be fast and easy and cheap, but definitely not as beautiful. Thoughts? Thanks!

    • Heather says:

      Sorry, I didn’t spell check that first. Oops…

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I can’t remember how much I used! I don’t think its particularly hard, just time consuming and messy. I say, try one, see if its worth it to you, and then attempt with all 8!