See it, Want it, Get it

Remember way back when I posted about the sick-o work of Joseph Piccillo in the Hermes store? I have had my eye on some seriously large scale horse photgraphy for months! What to do, something like this can cost thousands…..


Natural Curiousities has some gorgeous tryptech’s of horses, but they cost in the $2800 range. No go.

CasparihoresesnaturalcuriorsitiesI3b.JPG And then there are all of these pictures that are popping up all over the glossies.

h-1 h-5

Which are  the work of Roberto Dutesco, who spent time visiting Sable Island and made a documentary called “Chasing Wild Horses.” Um, yes please.

Prices of these, I dont know, but you gotta call a gallery etc… Cant be cheap.

So, if you cant afford it. Fake it or make it! Options:

Horse glicee prints available via the Lonny Store in Etsy. How did I not know about this????

il_430xN.54433073 A 16 x 20 is $250 so its not free, but custom sizing is available and its not half bad for the price.

Option 2:

Other horse prints on Etsy, not from the lonny store. 8 x 10’s are anywhere from 10 dollars to 100. You can ask every seller for custom sizing.

il_430xN.18105504 il_430xN.51340970 Option 3: Find something you like, they can print it into any size, and on canvas too.

1123641-Sarah-Helser 1122360-Martin-Henson This too, will leave you in the hundred dollar range.

Option 4: Buy a book of horse photography from Amazon, rip out a page and blow it up at Staples. Or buy a poster from  and call it a day. But posters can look cheesy so be careful!!

Option 5: Go take your own picture!!

So what am I gonna do? I think I better measure my wall first!

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  1. Ray f says:

    Cool horse pics… Fetish?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Well I want to hang a nice big one in my house…. Something about those pictures are calming to me… Makes me forget for a second that we live in the middle of NYC.

      • ray f says:

        i am expecting you to come back with some tribal artwork from africa for your walls…

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Im actually hoping to take some cool pics on safari and blow them up. Nothing like something you made yourself.

  2. ray f says:

    department of the interior at stylecaster is very interested in your blog… they will feature you here

    do a new post that incorporates interior design and fashion or think of a new diy project…. you are gonna be a star!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Oh wow! Thats pretty damn cool… I am actually thinking about a DIY project… you know me, I love projects!