La Selva Decorators Showhouse

Yesterday, I visited the La Selva decorators showhouse on Long Island. A showhouse is always fun, because you get to see what decorators will do when they have no client and no “practicalities” to deal with. In other words, they are free to produce their own vision for the room and be as theatrical or avant guard as they want to be. (Remember John Ike in this years Kips Bay?!?) johnike

Anyway, this showhouse really featured nothing like that. I kinda found it a little bit underwhelming. I mean, when all everyone is commenting on is the actual house and its original details (built in 1915 and freakin fabulous) does that mean that the designers showcased themselves well, or the house? ¬†The downstairs was grand… Huge dining room that the designer split into two round tables, a few small dens and libraries and two GIGANTIC sort of indoor outdoor living rooms, both of which could have been vastly improved upon.

The upstairs had no real master bedroom, meaning nothing was set up as one…. I thought some of the bedrooms were just plain old awful. It also had a lot of throwaway rooms in the servants quarters: flower aranging, packaging, relaxation… Some were done well, the travel, luggage and relaxation were all cute.

But in general, eh on the design innovation. No ideas I need to steal. But the house, yes please. Ill take one.

Oh yea!!! Oh boy were those designers rocking the accessories from Home Goods!!!! Seriously, vases canisters, the horse head… tons of shit I OWN were everywhere in this showhouse. A testament to how well Home Goods has been in the last few months!

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  1. Mike says:

    OUCH!Pretty harsh comments but that seems to be the theme of your blog. It’s hard to believe that a design enthusiast such as yourself couldn’t discern any good design elements in any of the spaces, instead focusing on the cheap Home Goods items that you are so familiar with.

    A true lover of design would have looked past the inexpensive accessories and noticed the sculptural lines and quality finishes that could be found in more than a few of the spaces.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I dont think I was being too harsh, I said it was underwhelming… not horrible. And I mentioned Home Goods as a side point, an afterthought. I made a comment that most of the people there were commenting on the ORIGINAL HOUSE, and I wondered, does that mean the designers did a good job of showcasing the house or a bad job because their work was not center stage. And I cant believe you think “Harsh” is the theme of my blog! I usually think that I gush over things so much that it becomes repetitive. Anyway, if you dont like it, you dont have to read it!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Oh yea, and a lot of those “inexpensive accessories” are available for purchase on high end home decor websites for hundreds of dollars and were all over the NYIGF. I dont know why they ended up in Home Goods, but they did. It wasnt an insult to the show house.