Decor Dilemma: How practical are you?

Ok bloggers and readers, I’ve got a question for you:

In terms of your decor, how practical are you? If you have kids, do you decorate with them in mind? On that note, how much of a presence do you allow kid things to have in your house? (I know people who moved their living room coffee table out to make room for their kids toys, and tons of them!) 2009-03-messy

Do you let people walk on your rugs with shoes? (In my parents house we used to have to take our shoes off before going upstairs…)

Do you make your guests use coasters?( Are people afraid to come over??!!?)

Do you think about the possibilities of something getting ruined before you buy it? Do you not let food out of the kitchen/dining area? Do you eat salt & vinegar potato chips in bed? Do you have glass protectors on your wood furniture? Do you own any white rugs?

What is the line between OCD and tidy? If you love your stuff, and I know we all do, how do you let your family members live in it? I know I would sound crazy to people other than you guys, and this is why I have a blog. Cause if I told my friends this stuff they would think I was freakin nuts. Especially since I was one of the messiest teenagers that ever lived.

(I figured out why that was. I had awful closets that were not made for the proper storage of clothes. I had shallow drawers, and very deep shelves that I had to double stack clothes on. I now know that only underwear and socks belong in drawers and all t shirts and sweaters need to be folded on the proper sized shelves. Also, I was very messy because I didnt really care about anything I had. I didnt really feel any ownership over anything in the room. I wasnt allowed to decorate it or hang up any pictures, and it had none of my personality.)

In terms of my practicality now…. I bought a gray sofa, to avoid stains on a white one, but it shows lint. I have a marble kitchen, a vanity with no drawers, expensive rugs that are white, white ultra-suede chairs in living room…. On the flip side, lots of wood flooring, vinyl wallpaper in the hallway that can be scrubbed and I didnt do any silk wallpaper, I eat in bed and drink coffee in bed and wear shoes on the rugs…. But my house is definitely NOT baby proofed. I kind of have this kid under some semblance of control….all her toys are put away… but what about if I ever have another one? Thats a crazy rambunctious boy who thinks its cool to smear his doody on the walls? I have heard stories…

Speak up bloggers…. Where do you stand on practical vs. gorgeous???

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  1. i am right smack dab in the middle. at times of stress i feel a need to clean a lot more than usual. although no shoes in my house. i am a freak that way, but to me when you have little kids and they are always on the floor, basically licking it…the thought of shoes that have walked through an international farmers market, gas station bathroom, airport, wherever- rubbing their gross all over where my daughter licks is pretty fucking grosss. plus i don’t have to clean the floors as much.

  2. I think I do pretty well as far as practicality goes. Usually, I’ll go over my plans with friends who will talk me out of my more unrealistic ideas. I did, however, rip out an entire set of kitchen cabinets in my small kitchen to create a more open feel. People still think I’m crazy for losing all of that storage.

  3. Laura says:

    I think some rooms should be practical and others should be “adult “rooms. The master bedroom has no reason to have kids in it that are running wild with ketchup on their faces. I would not hesitate to do a master bedroom all white. On the other hand if your home has only one living/den area it has to be practical because there is only one common area. i think the practicality of the decor really depends on the size of the home and the frequency of the rooms being used.

  4. Ron says:

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  6. I never heard of little boys who smear doody on the walls!!
    Children need to be taught manners…
    You should meet my boys, they are perfect little gentlemen