Compare and Contrast: The Hills VS The City


Compare and Contrast The Hills VS The City. Explain how the departure of Lauren and Whitney from the original Hills cast has lead to the eventual demise of both shows. How does The Hills differ from The City? Do the cast-members and producers play into any stereotypes that one might have about their respective cities and the people that inhabit them?

For extra credit, please outline the many mysteries that have evolved over time in each show.


The Hills and the city began as one show. The cast was originally designed to mimic the Sex and the City cast. Four girls of different types, finding their way through life. Lauren was our Carrie Bradshaw; pretty, ambitious and a good person, she embodied the everygirl. She left as did Whitney, the Charlotte of the show. (Whitney formed the new show “the city” which has now denigrated into “the office” for chicks. )

The residual members of the Hills cast has become caricatures of themselves and with the unexplained addition of Kristin to the show and the tagline “The bitch is back!” the show has now lost its credibility even among its diehard fans. (Granted, Kristin is incredibly interesting to watch as evidenced by the popularity of the show she carried through her high school years, Laguna Beach. )

The two shows are now separated by more than just city. In LA, the jobs of the girls are a non-issue. Either they dont work (actress) or the show is their work. The careers of the girls have taken a backseat to the backstabbing and boy grabbing. In NYC, the characters seem to have very little to do with each other… Olivia and Whitney arent friends and dont ever appear on screen together anymore. Roxy and sammy are throwaways characters, just existing to play off Whitney. Very little boy ¬†obsession has happened yet. The combination of ambitious girls making their way through life and love in a big city that was once fascinating is no longer.

Where do the old cast members go, and where do the new cast members come from? Unexplained.Does no one else wonder what happened to the people from last season or their jobs? Why dont they work for DVF anymore? Or howabout how the entire cast of The Hills just pretends that Kristin just moved to LA when she has been there the whole time? They actually have to bite their tongues to keep from saying “It is bad news that she was cast to be on our show… She is going to be told to steal our boyfriends, who will probably really like her.”

Oh, and I died a little inside when Audrina told Justin Bobby she wont go out with the friend anymore.

(I have to say: Its raining in NYC. AND Im THAT big of a loser.)

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  1. Marielle says:

    I AM ACTUALLY LAUGHING OUT LOUD. You’re lucky it’s pouring!!!! HAHAHA. I don’t even bother watching The City anymore…just The Hills. But for the record, both shows pretty much suck. The Hills is so predictable , I’m not sure why I watch it , i guess just for entertainment . BUT WHY DOES IT ENTERTAIN ME? maybe the stupidity of it all…. or maybe to keep up with the characters’ ever changing faces/bodies…or maybe I’m still hoping for something unexpected to happen, like……hmmm…..LAUREN showing up????? COULD IT ????? WOULD IT???? LOLOL.

  2. Ha! Excellent work; very insightful analysis.