Alma Matter

My niece is applying to my Alma Matter and they held an open house there today, so I went back. And BOY was it weird going back to the school where I lived, learned, cried, ate and slept. The crowds look the same, but the familiar faces are all gone. Kinda wished I was still in college, but then I was kinda glad I wasn’t. Back then, I was depressed and fat, and not depressed because I was fat, just depressed and fat, separately. Anyway, it made me think about this awesome dorm room I saw in NY Magazine a few months back:

5-4-ny-dormroom-01 3-1 5-4-ny-dormroom-02 6

Maximilian Sinsteden is his name, and do I think we are looking at the next Miles Redd? Yes, yes I do.

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  1. i remember thinking what a talented guy! i am ever so impressed with his drawers.

  2. that is the best thing I have seen all morning.


    Rebecca June

  3. Nicole Cohen says:

    I know, this kid is phenomenal. My dorm looked like a tornado hit it most of the time. You know what I just thought of, two of the pictures that I framed in my picture wall actually once hung in my freshman dorm!

  4. The next Miles Redd – I think you’re right! Even the most stylish people I knew back in college never had rooms this fab. Heck, most people don’t have houses this fab.