Kelly Wearstler On The Brain

Today I had lunch at the Kelly Wearstler designed resteraunt in Bergdorf also known to New Yorkers as HEAVEN. This place is even more gorgeous in person. Hard to believe, but true.
1211_wearstler1 1211_wearstler2
1211_wearstler3 Then I came home and read about her house featured in Vogue and sow these pics HERE. I hate to say it, but I am really not loving these pictures. Very cluttered and usually I like the way she clutters, but I dunno. The brown, the 80s and the clutter all together. Not digging. I mean, doesnt she ever want to use any of the tables in her house? She has to lift all those heavy busts off the table every time they eat? I really dont like the master bedroom and even worse is that entry hall. Sorry, but I’ll take Imperial Trellis over this any day.  halard6 halard5 halard4 halard3 halard2 Thoughts?

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  1. 1. I am jealous that you live near Bergdorfs and can eat in that gorgeous place!

    2. I usually like her clutter too, but this is a little much.

    3. I dont like it and agree, Imperial Trellis takes top honors!


    Rebecca June

    • darcy says:

      its way to over the top and i usually like her style but i remain totally unimpressed in fact i think it looks a bit vulgar


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