Recession Etiquette


Jack Hazan, one of my favorite Facebook bloggers, posted this note:


Recession Etiquette

So as you all know this tough time has left most of those around us with a lot more bills and a lot less cash. Hence, there must be set of guidelines as to was is appropriate and respectful to those around us. Listen whores, there is no need to flash your rose gold Cartier Ballon Bleu with diamonds on the bezel (if you dont have the diamonds then no one cares-you can wear it)!

1. Department store/upscale boutique shopping bags are obnoxious. Nobody wants to see you strut you stuff down Madison Avenue, hitting the doorman with your Bergdorf Goodman bag, because that doorman was once a financial analyst at Bear Sterns. Use a brown bag, snob.

2. Flashy cars are just down right NASTY during this tough time. OK so you have a Bentley-get over it. Us reserved citizens in our Mini Coopers don’t need you cutting our humbled asses off.

3. Lavish vacations are VOMIT. Do you really need to show off to your whole office that your going to St. Barths while they sit there in a marked down scarf from Daffy’s with no trips planned other than the F Train home because of the lousy paychecks you give them?

4. Big Jewels are a big NO. Turn that 6 karat diamond engagement ring around! The people that are looking at you just got a -1 karat cookie crumb from Kay Jewelers in Kings Plaza and even that took the guy months to pull together.

5. Basically anything with a flashy designer monogram or initial on it is gross. For example a patent leather big CC on your Chanel handbag is just not necessary and may I add-is so passe’. Its all about subtle style.

What do you guys think about Jack’s guide to the recession?

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