Cooking Up a Kitchen….

It’s no secret that the center of a home is usually its kitchen.(That’s where the food is!) These are some of the most gorgeous kitchens that I have had in my inspiration files for a while.

Kelly Wearstler wears a ball gown in hers…


I adore this kitchen! but think of the fingerprints… and why doesn’t the fridge match the stainless on the cabinets?  kitchen stainless This is the kitchen I wish I designed…. so beautiful!!! from Velvet and Linen.

kitchen6 I love this modern yet homey room from Candice Olsen. She always creates such functional rooms!  kitchen2 I took these of the Smallbone showroom in Manhattan. I love the marble island!  IMG_0517 IMG_0518 And last my own un-styled but still gorgeous kitchen. If anyone is wondering, marble countertops in the kitchen require vigilance and care. Buyer beware.

I need new barstools, those are from Ikea. Thinking of getting the stainless barstools in the third picture….  IMG_0363 These are some of the most beautiful kitchens around, and I have been looking… enough to make a top chef out of anyone!

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  1. I am also jealous of your kitchen. My little home has a tiny little kitchen which is fine for me, but it is worthless where we are to redo the granite (yuck) counters. I dream of Carrera dayand night with white subway tiles reaching to the ceilings!


    Rebecca June

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thanks!!! When we bought the apt the kitchen stopped where the wall is, but we extended it and I used Calcutta Gold as the counter top… I still need to style it… Thats the best part!

  2. Grace says:

    Hi Nicole! What I really love is the small silver tile you used as the backsplash! Could you tell me where you got it from and whether it is easy to maintain? Thanks much. =)

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Yes, its just a stainless steel small subway tile backsplash. Ill look it up for you.

  3. Laurie says:

    Hi Nicole –
    Nice work on the kitchen! Getting ready to do mine as well – so many choices and decisions!!
    Do you have any more info on the photo you posted with the stainless steel cabinets and (I think) walnut countertop? I’d really love to know more about the specific products that were used there. Thanks!