Hermes as Decor

Hermes is one of those luxury brands that people covet because of the lifestyle it evokes: I just jumped off my horse and am now having tea on a yacht and I have not a hair out of place and am gorgeous, tan and ageless. Effortless, athletic, and vigorously chic. picture-100

Trying to get that mood from a home is a totally different story. People try and try and fail.  Using Hermes boxes as decor is a really controversial thing in the design world. Is it chic or overdone?

I happen to love this image from Sara Story:


What about collecting and framing Hermes scarves?


OR using a vintage Hermes tray, as Olivia Palermo does here….  apt_op_pagesixmag2jpg

You can always use a throw to evoke that casual glamour.

(Image above is of the home of Bruce Glickman and Wilson Henley featured in  Elle Decor) hermesblanket-kellywearstlerjpg

Hermes blanket on Kelly Wearstler’s son’s bed

310211m02jpg Hermes bike. Perfect for riding to the market to pick up fresh fruit and flowers….

Hermes dinnerware,


This is my favorite pattern for breakfast or brunch at my future country house… I can taste the fresh squeezed orange juice!

So you see…. the brand evokes pretty vivid mental pictures of the life that one could have, if only they owned these things…..

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  1. If Hermes really made one effortlessly chic, ageless, tan and perfect, I woudl spend the money to buy the Birkin immeadiately.


    Rebecca June

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      LOL… Maybe it’s more like, I live on the UES, a nanny raised my kids and my face doesn’t move…