Bruce Jenner’s New Face

Finally, a real moment on some reality TV show. Bruce Jenner actually talks about the horrible work he had done when he was still young, but just having a bad moment in his life. He was really taken advantage of by whatever doctor did this to him. He was as hot as Brody!!

Yikes, he was butchered, but he really seems like a sweet guy.

You can see the time line of his transformation here:


As his new doctor explained it, the face lifted cheeks stayed tight through the years, but his jowls and neck then started to sag and look even older than they should. Poor guy.

Apparently, he has now decided to correct the surgery.

OMG!! They showed so much graphic footage, down and dirty with the surgery shots!!!


How do you think he looks?  bruce jenner



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  1. Ok, I swear we are TV twins. Everyone says I watch the worst shows, but i seem to have a buddy who does the same. :)


    Rebecca June

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      LOL! My husband thinks I’m rotting my brain, but I love these dumb shows.

  2. I actually think he looked better before! He looks like a martian!

  3. tony says:

    Bruce Jenner looks like a drag queen with that ridiculous hair and new horible facelift. if he isnt gay I dont know who is!

  4. He still looks like a woman. It’s a shame because he was so handsome in his ’70s and ’80s pics.


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