Soho on Sunday

Spring has finally sprung in Manhattan, with our official first nice day of the year.

Soho was jammed all day with people flooding the streets. They were waiting in line for restaurants, buying jewelry and art from street vendors and especially waiting to get into the first stateside Topshop – which is London’s answer to H&M and Forever21 – more expensive, but on point trend wise and similar in its enormous collection of ever evolving clothing. Seriously, blink now and you will never see that shirt again. Of course, the eagerly anticipated Spring Kate Moss line for TopShop also debuted this week, doubling the fervor.

The windows & crowds in front of Topshop in Soho.

Some of Topshop’s goodies:

picture-32 picture-35 picture-33

People were also lining up for Baked by Mellissa, a tiny closet of a store front that sells bite size cupcakes at a dollar each. Yummy!

The economy really needed a nice sunny day to get people outside and spending some money!

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  1. I love food, and cupcakes:). I love baked by melissa, had it today.

  2. Did you go into Top Shop? I am so jealous, I might have died from it.


    Rebecca June