The Beach

The Beach is on HBO right now. I am watching it. A few years ago I went to THE beach backpacking with my brother. Ahhhhh, how life has changed since then. All grown up and responsible now.

This is a pic of the island of Ko Phi Phi, one of my favorite places  on earth. My brother and I traveled around Thailand for a while, but the first day we had on Phi Phi was one of the best days on my life. That was when the mindset of the island began and the culture began to really set in. After spending a few days in Bangkok (ew) and then Phuket , Phi Phi was like heaven.

This was about 10 months after the Tsunami, you can see how the island was ravaged here. imgp1630

This is THE BEACH. Heaven. imgp1631

Maya Bay. 2005.


Leaving the beach. I love this picture.


I miss traveling across the world and not knowing where I will lay my head next, though I somehow suspect that my Four Seasons gene is kicking in and that I am now no longer able to stay in shitholes like this:


Or get punched in the face in a Mui Thai boxing match. That’s me on the left getting slammed in the face.


But I would like to do this:


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  1. David says:

    You mean we could have stayed in that shit hole instead of the Four Seasons?

  2. For anyone afraid about the crisis in Thailands capital, let me tell you, avoit Bangkok!