Yesterday I stumbled upon the portfolio of male model Lars Love. It was Love at first Lars? The beard! The face! He looks almost biblical! Not to mention that he's styled like something out of a Wes Anderson movie. Oh, that I could ever be this badass, this storied! Amazing. Photos via Le Management.    … [Read more...]

Brilliantly Boring.


The other day, I was sitting in the Ikea cafeteria - don't ask, setting up my new studio in Red Hook and was pretty hangry, needed to eat, and no I don't eat meatballs- and I had this feeling, like I was in a Paul Gregory photo.  I found Paul's work on UPLO, and then I looked him up and found his portfolio, I also follow him on Instagram... I think I was thinking about the top photo, which I … [Read more...]

Aerial Abstracts.

Zack Seckler

These aerial abstracts by photographer Brooklyn based Zack Seckler are INSANE. Aerial photography is all the rage these days, but these in particular speak to me. PASTELS!  The series is called Botswana. Using an ultra-light aircraft, Seckler photographed the entire series less than 500 feet above ground. The low elevation affords the photos sublime details, although they are pulled back enough to … [Read more...]



Lord knows I love a good abstract photo of nothing. Courtney says we are the Seinfeld of photographers: photography about nothing. Love this series called "Invisible" by Vittorio Ciccarelli. Check out his other work, it's intriguing.  … [Read more...]

My Photography on One Kings Lane!

sketch42 x OKL

More ridiculously cool stuff going on this week! (When it rains, it pours?) My photos, along with that of several other UPLO photographers has been included in a classic and contemporary ONE KINGS LANE photography sale. SO exciting and fun, but also intimidating! I mean look who else is included in the sale.... Wait - look how meta this is, as I was typing this, my own photo popped up as an ad … [Read more...]

Nostalgia Fridays.


This photo shoot of Heath Ledger and Rose Byrne by photographer Rupert Thorpe in May 1999, a month after Ten Things I Hate About You premiered. Heath was 20, on the cusp on Hollywood megastardom, and Rose was unknown. The two drank 4 or 5 bottles of champagne during this shoot, and stayed on in Vegas together for a few days afterward. They were ecstatic about their careers and life. The pictures … [Read more...]