Nostalgia Fridays.


This photo shoot of Heath Ledger and Rose Byrne by photographer Rupert Thorpe in May 1999, a month after Ten Things I Hate About You premiered. Heath was 20, on the cusp on Hollywood megastardom, and Rose was unknown. The two drank 4 or 5 bottles of champagne during this shoot, and stayed on in Vegas together for a few days afterward. They were ecstatic about their careers and life. The pictures … [Read more...]

Sasha Bikoff x Sketch42 on Domaine Home

dakota bikoff x sketch42

So this is exciting!  Today, photos I shot of an extraordinary Sasha Bikoff designed home at the Dakota building, and an article I wrote to accompany it is now live on DOMAINE home where I will be contributing articles now and again! The place is literally one of the most amazing homes I've ever been inside, let alone shot... We call it "Ballet Russe meets Studio 54" its glamorous and beautiful … [Read more...]



Sometimes all we have is our pretty little thoughts, like now, when I'm being deprived of bread and beer. Today's inspiration is brought to you by black and white, graphic shapes, clean lines and .... ViaCarl Kliener Céline Kelly Wearstler HermesVia BasquiatSonia Rykiel, Russian VogueFlockMotherwellThe other way across Abbey Road.Flamingos in the snow Hiro !!! … [Read more...]



A few weeks ago, in an interview on The Barneys blog The Window, I happened to mention that I love menswear. When asked to describe my aesthetic I said: Aesthetically, I sometimes think I’m a dapper man trapped in a woman’s body. I gravitate towards menswear, leathers and things with clean and simple lines. I guess I would call it “masculine edgy” with a guilty penchant for glamour! I am an … [Read more...]

The Reinvention of Minimalism.


The Paris apartment of architect-of-the-moment Joseph Dirand - featured in T Magazine. The son of the famous interiors photographer Jacques Dirand, Joseph is now one of the most sought after architects in the fashion world, bringing his Parisian touch to minimalism. “I don’t care about style anymore, in a way I hate style, I hate design,” he says. “It’s about life, and generosity.” How … [Read more...]



I've had my eye on The Dean, the latest project from Will Cooper and Ari Heckman of ASH NYC, ever since they told me about it last year. The Dean is a boutique hotel in Providence. When I was in college I dated a dude that went to Brown, and ten years ago, there was one restaurant in Providence that you took your parents to when they visited. Now it's a little super cool town, and The Dean is one … [Read more...]