In the Studio with Sculptor Robin Antar.


A few weeks ago, I got to spend an afternoon in the Brooklyn studio of Sculptor Robin Antar. Robin is known for her series "Realism in Stone" in which she carves giant replicas of every day objects, food stuffs, clothing and more. She also has a lovely series of abstracts, objects for the home such as onyx salt cellars, and more.  I'm fascinated with sculpture. The technical skill involved, the … [Read more...]

Polar Blades + End of Babes.


My buddy artist, photographer and director Jimmy Marble is currently raising some cash for 2 short films over at Kickstarter. The good news for us is that now's a great time to buy some of Jimmy's art! I love all his work, it's an LA Hipster Fantasy Land, I even own one of his banners, see here, and his first little book Best Bush In Town. I also just pre-ordered his second book LATopia over at … [Read more...]

The NY Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1.

art book fair  9

This past weekend The NY Art Book Fair was held at the MoMa PS1 in Long Island City. It was presented by the non-profit Printed Mattter, which is the raddest book store in NYC, filled with all sorts of art books and self published awesomeness. The event was free, art filled, jam-packed, two tents, 3 floors, and a dome full of rare art publications- both new and old. From 3-6 dollar Xerox (one of a … [Read more...]

ASH NYC x The Abingdon Guest House.


It's no secret that I love everything that Ari Heckman and Will Cooper of the design and development group  ASH NYC do. Remember when we shot around the Dean Hotel? It was awesome. Today The Cut is sharing before and afters of their latest project, a gut renovation of the former Abingdon Guest House. I remember shooting around the pop up shop in the retail space a few years ago and hearing about … [Read more...]

The Making of Gone With The Wind.


75 years after it was released, the 1939 adaption of Margeret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind, is still the most successful film of all time, accounting for inflation. It was the longest running sound film at the time it was made, and was one of the first films shot in technicolor. It was the Golden Age of American film, just as we are living in the Golden Age of Television. (I just read a theory … [Read more...]

Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich.


This is so fun. What is it about John Malkovich that is so fascinating to artists? Maybe it's his serious seeming face and persona and deep voice, coupled with the fact that he's willing to do ridiculous and fun things? Photographer Sandro Miller, enlisted his long tim buddy Hollywood legend John Malkovich, for this project. Its called,  “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to photographic … [Read more...]