California Cool.


Anyone else bored as F*CK of talking about the holidays? Me too. But, I'm headed off to LA for 10 days and I'm super duper psyched! (LA FRIENDS, I'm a comin'!) I'm also knee deep into season 2 of Sons of Anarchy, which you know, California. (Can we talk about that show for a … [Read more...]

DESIGN | The Apartment


In NYC we have "The Apartment by The Line" in Copenhagen they have "The Apartment." Both are concept stores that sell furniture and art, but in a setting set up like a functioning home. The Apartment's wares are showcased in the elegant setting of an 18th century apartment in … [Read more...]

Photographers | Tyler Shields.


Photos taken by photographer Tyler Shields. His work has that flashy, sexy, edgy, gritty fashion-y vibe I love so much. Lots and lots of cigarettes. My favorite might be coked out Barbie. She looks so evil! HA! See more of his portfolio HERE. … [Read more...]



  Hope you all had an awesome weekend! I spent mine literally doing nothing at home with the kids, fun times! So this is the last week that we all have to buy a gift on the internet and have it arrive safely by Christmas. You know what its like if you DONT get your gifts … [Read more...]

The Crumpled Books.


Photographer Mark Douglas describes his crumpled book series about being more about the shapes and colors the books make, sound familiar?! Shapes and colors? He says: “They are about photography presenting an absolute, evidentiary truth, and simultaneously no truth at all. … [Read more...]