Remembering Mary Ellen Mark


Famous photographer Mary Ellen Mark passed away at the age of 75. She was a brilliant photographer and despite often taking pictures of people suffering and in pain or poverty, her photos never evoked pity but instead were filled with compassion. She was best known for her haunting portraits of adults and children on the margins of society. “I think it was the connection with people that astounded me, I saw that my camera gave me a sense of connection with others that I never had before. It allowed me to enter lives, satisfying a curiosity that was always there, but that was never explored … [Read more...]

PRINTING SEASON | Summer Is Coming.


Summer is coming! I don't like to think of photos as seasonal, and I especially don't like to think of them as "seasonal decor" because, doesn't that sound awful? BUT, alas, most of my favorite photos have some serious summer vibes going. Like most living things, I thrive during the summer months, and so does my creative muscle. Doesn't everyones? Plus, I always feel super inspired to shoot things when I'm out of the city.  I compiled some of my favorite prints and Instagrams that get me pumped for summer, and you know, that I think would look awesome in someone's beach house. If you see any … [Read more...]

Best of Cannes 2015.


Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was filled with sunshine and babies and my first post natal attempt at running (EEK. NOT EASY.) There weren't really any WORSTS at this years Cannes film festival. Don't you feel like celebs always screw up at award shows but then when it comes to Cannes they whip out these amazing dresses? Where were these gowns three months ago!! I think the celebs always look stressed at the Oscars, and maybe even nervous and trying too hard at the Met Ball, but at Cannes, they look happy and vacation-y. Maybe its the positive vibes of Cannes that give them the … [Read more...]

Proenza Schouler | Fantasy Ad Friday


@proenzaschouler has been reposting peoples fantasy ads every friday on their instagram account. Some of the ads are pretty awesome. I love the pizza one! Enjoy! One of these was a real ad, can you guess which? I Love this. You can make your own and submit by hash tagging #fantasyadfriday. Who knows, you might get a repost! I played around with this a bit using some of my favorite prints, heres what I came up with: As you can see I had a lot of fun.. … [Read more...]

Wes Anderson designs Bar Luce.


Prada's new venue, Fondazione Prada- an art and culture complex in Milan, will feature a cafe and bar designed by film director, Wes Anderson. There are pinball machines, formica tables, a jukebox and a vintage candy bar. "From its green and pink chairs to the minty tabletops and pale-speckled floor, the café's design is evocative of Anderson's films, and is full of the light, pastel colors Anderson's movie sets are known for." How many times have we all marveled at the sets on his movies? Don't we all collectively want to live in a Wes Anderson movie?  "While I do think it would make a pretty … [Read more...]