Embroidered Art.


Chilean artist, Jose Romussi, has always been interested in art. It wasn't until moving to New York that he decided it was a viable career path. "My work is a constant search to express and represent my ideas. My occurring artworks are a reaction of my inspiration.This starts with an image, that inspires me in certain way to do an embroidery that changes it into a  new one. I am always searching for a new sense of interpretation for my pieces. My technique for that is using thread as the medium to merge different time spaces. I am not afraid of breaking a picture, the important thing for me … [Read more...]



After being kicked out of her apartment in Brooklyn in 1992, and unable to afford rent anywhere near her school, art student Ash Thayer became a squatter. In the ‘90s, NYC's Lower East Side was full of abandoned buildings that outcasts and people who desperately needed housing, quickly made their own. These squatters would move in, fix up and take over these abandoned buildings that were barely livable. They buildings were filled with vermin. They lacked plumbing, electricity, and even walls, floors, and a roof. Punks, junkies and outcasts from all over the city joined the squatter movement … [Read more...]



@ForCustomersOnly is an Instagram page dedicated to the public restroom. My niece turned me on to it, it's still in its itty bitty stages. The photos are grainy and iPhone-y, but I kind of love that considering the subject matter. I love a good "LOO" shot and I guess I always have. What is it about public restrooms that make people want to take photos? The mirror? The peace and quiet? The time to think? Or are they just cool looking and inherently interesting? I always bring my phone to the bathroom at restaurants, 'cause there might be something to shoot. HA. … [Read more...]



One of my favorite brands, LA based Building Block, has designed their first sandal. It's kind of perfect. I love everything they do, and I've written about them before HERE. Super simple elegantly designed leather products. Yes, please. The sandals are pricey at $480 (Black//Nude) , I found a similar shoe HERE (Nude //Black)  for a 1/5 the price, for those interested, but they are just slightly less....perfect.  Still good though. The bucket bags and tassels (and here) are still my faves, I even like them better than the craze that is Mansur Gavriel. Have a great day! … [Read more...]

My 13 Favorite Jackets for Spring.


Maybe it's because it's raining like crazy here in NYC today, or maybe it's because in my current condition the only thing saving me from complete and utter slob-dom every day is a cute jacket, but today I decided to round up some of my favorite picks for Spring 2015. Some girls "invest" in nice shoes, I like jackets and blazers. I collect them season to season, buying pieces I truly love: vintage, cheap, expensive, statement, simple... all the above. I look forward to take them out of the closet when their seasons come around, and I keep them forever. (I HATE winter coats though and I haven't … [Read more...]